Venezuelan communists to support Enrique Márquez’s presidential candidacy

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) announced on June 25 that it is supporting Enrique Márquez in the presidential election to be held on July 28.

After a period of increasing criticism of the neoliberal drift of President Nicolás Maduro and his PSUV party, the PCV was stripped of its party status and had its name, symbol and electoral registration handed over to a group of Maduro supporters who are masquerading as the Communist Party. That group has since declared their false “PCV” is supporting Maduro in the election.

In announcing the support for Márquez, PCV General Secretary Oscar Figuera explained that it was a way for the Communist Party to “continue acting in the electoral field” despite the PCV’s “current conditions of exclusion from the electoral process.”

“It was considered necessary to continue promoting the meeting of the diverse democratic and popular currents,” said Figuera. “Not only those identified with the left, but also with the democratic camp, which are today convinced that it is necessary to get out of this historical tragedy.”

Márquez is the registered presidential candidate for “Centrados en la gente” (“People-centred” party). Prior to endorsing his candidacy, the PCV met with Márquez and discussed their joint commitment to “a programmatic proposal that vindicates the rights of the workers and the people in general; that takes into account the demands for wages, social benefits, vacations, Christmas bonuses; the right to union organization and collective bargaining agreement; to prevent the processes of persecution and criminalization of those who fight; to release the imprisoned workers.”

Figuera said that the PCV also discussed with Márquez the need to restore political rights, the validity of the Constitution of Venezuela, and the “true leaderships of the parties that have been usurped by decision of the government.” Other core issues for the PCV are the rights of Indigenous peoples, defense of the environment and “an independent and sovereign foreign policy not subordinated to any power block.”

In accepting the endorsement, Márquez recognized the PCV as “a party that has been in the most important historical events of our contemporary Venezuela” and stated his commitment to a “government of the workers” to give privilege and participation to a sector, perhaps the most affected in the country.”

PV staff with files from Tribuna Popular

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