Nestle workers go on strike after bitter pensions offer from employer   

Workers at Nestle have decided to strike over a lack of improvements to their pension plan. Also at issue is the time it takes workers to get to the top rate of pay.

“Nestle workers in the past have gone on strike over pension contributions and again, it’s at the crux of this dispute,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “Retirement security is very important to our members, and you throw an affordability crisis on top of that, and it’s no wonder our members are determined to fight here.”

There are 461 Unifor Local 252 members at the Toronto Nestle plant, which produces Kit Kat, Aero and Coffee Crisp chocolate bars, as well as Smarties. They work as machine operators, bar packers, shippers and receivers, general labourers and in skilled trades.

“As one of the biggest food and beverage manufacturers in the world, the company has a responsibility to make sure workers can have a decent income during these challenging economic times,” said Local 252 President Eamonn Clarke.

“Members were not satisfied with the lack of improvements to pensions and a two-year cost of living adjustment (COLA) freeze. Our union will stand with our members as they continue to fight for a fair deal that shows them the respect they deserve.”

[Photo: Unifor]

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