WFTU condemns conviction of French union leader for Palestine solidarity

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) strongly condemns the conviction by the Lille court of Jean-Paul Delescaux, General Secretary of the CGT union in France’s Nord department, to a one-year suspended prison sentence for “glorifying terrorism”, following a CGT leaflet calling for a demonstration for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine.

The WFTU unreservedly condemns this attempt by the French government’s police to intimidate trade union action, Jean-Paul Delescaut and his comrades must not be prosecuted, and the right to demonstrate in support of the Palestinian people who are being bombarded must be guaranteed.

The WFTU stands in solidarity with comrade Jean-Paul Delescaux, and calls its members to express their support by writing to the embassies and consulates of the French government all over the world, in a way to show practical solidarity and support.

WFTU Secretariat

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