Peace movement in solidarity with McGill encampment

Mouvement québécois pour la paix  

On April 27, McGill students braved the university administration, in solidarity with the Palestinian people. A camp has erupted on the university grounds, drawing inspiration from protest movements observed in US universities, where political and academic authorities are rightly accused of being complicit in the ongoing genocide in the occupied Palestinian territories.

While we have not seen such demonstrations of solidarity with a people victim of the worst war crimes since the end of the Vietnam War 50 years ago, the Mouvement québécois pour la paix  (MQP) expresses full solidarity with this initiative and salutes the courage of the students and the McGill students providing moral and material support.

In the face of the actions of the Israeli occupation, the MQP is convinced that this camp marks the beginning of a student mobilization aimed at putting pressure on the authorities to end all financial and military support to Israel. From this perspective, the MQP fully supports the demands of students, including the decision to divest and break any academic ties with a state guilty of genocide crimes.

On this occasion, the MQP reiterates its solidarity with the Palestinian people, especially with the Palestinian political prisoners who must be released. We condemn the complicity of Justin Trudeau’s government in the massacres, genocidal politics and crimes perpetrated by Israel, arms of Western monopolies, imperialism and therefore NATO in the Middle East. We demand the immediate lifting of the cruel blockade of the Gaza strip, which deprives the Palestinian people of access to water, food, medicine and fuel, leading them to starvation and suffering. Finally, we call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and unconditional access to emergency humanitarian aid.

[Photo: screenshot from video by Yves Engler on X]

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