Rallies across Canada kick off campaign to get Canada out of NATO

Peace and anti-war activists rallied across Canada on the April 6-7 weekend, denouncing 75 years of NATO warmongering and calling for Canada’s withdrawal from the military alliance.

NATO – the largest military organization in the world – marked its 75th anniversary on April 4. For millions of people around the world, that has meant 75 years of aggression, bombardment, war, murder and “regime change.” For the people of NATO countries, it has meant 75 years of public money spent on an arms race and nuclear weapons proliferation, rather than on housing, education, healthcare or other socially necessary programs.

Peace groups organized rallies, pickets and other actions in communities across Canada including in Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

The events kicked off a joint campaign by the Canadian Peace Congress and Mouvement québécois pour la paix to mobilize people across Canada to demand the country’s withdrawal from NATO.

The campaign will also involve educational and outreach activities through May and June, and culminate in larger rallies coinciding with the NATO Summit in Washington DC in July.

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