WFTU calls for immediate lifting of US blockade on Cuba

Once again, the imperialist circles, led by the United States, are defiantly attempting to exploit the discontent of Cuban citizens about shortcomings in the country’s internal market. They are attempting to do so in order to escalate their attacks again and to undermine in every way the Cuban people’s revolutionary choice for their socialist future.

The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its solidarity with the struggling people and the government of Cuba, who are once again being subjected to the consequences of the murderous embargo imposed on the country and the attempts for external intervention.

It is obvious that the well-known circles, those who are trying in every way to overthrow the Cuban revolution, are trying to take advantage of the reactions of dissatisfaction by the citizens because of the shortcomings that exist, in order to exert pressure and intensify the attacks on the socialist state of Cuba.

It is unacceptable that those responsible for the shortages and the situation, due to the criminal blockade imposed, now try to pretend the protectors of the heroic Cuban people.

The class-oriented trade union movement stands firmly in solidarity with Cuba, and supports its people’s non-negotiable right to decide for themselves for the present and future. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the anti-democratic, anti-people blockade, which for more than six decades is hindering the access to essential resources, limiting economic development and impeding their right to self-determination.

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