After 19 months of bargaining, municipal workers launch two-day strike in Longueuil

Inside workers at the City of Longueuil launched a two-day strike on March 13-14, to pressure the municipality for a contract that includes parity with outside workers.

The 1200 inside workers, who are mostly women and represented by CUPE Local 306, have been without a contract since January 2021 and have had been negotiating since May 2022. They are fighting for a contract that matches the 10 percent wage increase and four-day work week which the city negotiated with its mostly male outside workers.

Local 306 president Karine Laprise said, “Contrary to what the employer has been saying publicly, their position is indeed to offer inside workers less than the outside workers in terms of wages and the length of the work week. Our members are determined to mobilize until equity is achieved between both groups, and the first step is to hold a two-day strike.”

In response to the employer’s consistent unwillingness to offer an equitable deal, the inside workers voted by 92 percent on November 6 to increase pressure tactics up to and including strike action.

[Photo: CUPE 306]

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