Lab tech workers vote to strike over wages

Workers at nine Ontario locations of medical laboratory services corporation Dynacare have voted unanimously in favour of strike action. The 65 workers, represented by UFCW Local 175, are bargaining their first contract after unionizing in January 2023.

The key issue for the workers is wages. The union says there are over 35 different wage rates applied to the 65 workers’ jobs, and they are all underpaid.

“A living wage, and having a wage grid that makes sense and eliminates favouritism shouldn’t be too much to ask,” said Local 175 Director Mike Mattioli. “Dynacare is one of the largest providers of lab services in the country and they employ more than 2,400 people across Canada. The responsible thing for this company to do is to not only pay a living wage to begin with, but to ensure the wage rates are rational and applied fairly.”

[Photo: UFCW]

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