Amid CBC job cut announcement, workers rally to support media employees

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With the CBC and several media corporations announcing big job cuts, hundreds of workers rallied on December 13, in the Montreal district which houses a number of large media companies. The protest – which included workers at Radio-Canada, TVA, Astral Media, RDS and Videotron – stated loud and clear that workers and unions are committed to fighting for the sector.

“We’re currently going through some very tough times and are witnessing a continuous decline in media and cultural institutions in Quebec,” said Carl Beaudoin, president of CUPE 687 which represents media workers at TVA. “Following announcements of 600 job cuts at CBC/Radio-Canada, the layoff of 450 workers with Groupe TVA and staff reductions in various press rooms, it goes without saying that we’re in the throes of a media crisis more than we ever have.”

Workers at the rally agreed that a vibrant media sector is critical to a democratic society, and warned that governments need to take immediate concrete action to protect the industry.

“Some solutions can be implemented to support the electronic media, for example, through adequate CRTC regulations. Various levels of government will have to get involved, because the stakes are far too high,” said CUPE union representative Steve Bargoné.

[Photo: CUPE]

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