Quebec peace movement mobilizes for October peace actions

The geopolitical situation has dramatically worsened over the past few years. Never before have we been so close to a global, nuclearized conflict between great powers. But far from advocating peace, Canada is actively participating in geopolitical tensions, whether in the China Sea, in its confrontations with Russia or across Latin America, putting the interests of Western imperialist monopolies first.

The Mouvement québécois pour la paix (MQP) points out clearly that the primary source of these tensions is NATO and the imperialist actions of its member states. The omnipresent war propaganda, however, would have people in Quebec and throughout Canada believe that the enemy lies elsewhere, be it China, Russia or any other foreign force.

While the bosses and merchants of war make huge profits and as arms sales, which fuel deadly imperialist conflicts, reach record levels, working people in Quebec are facing a social, economic and health crisis. Social services are deteriorating, rents are rising, and wages are lagging far behind galloping inflation. What’s more, the provincial and federal governments have launched an offensive against working people, with the aim of destroying the social and economic gains we still have – through privatizing public services, unreasonably high interest rates, attacking tenant rights and, of course, reforms which undermine labour rights.

MQP rallying for peace, against nuclear weapons and for Canada’s exit from NATO

Progressive forces urgently need to organize against imperialist wars, as well as in response to the social war waged by the bosses and the government. We need to invest in wages, social services and housing, not in armaments and war. Working people’s interests are clear: peace and solidarity between peoples. It’s high time we made them heard.

To that end, MQP is organizing a major demonstration for peace, against NATO and against all-out military spending, on Sunday, October 8 at Place du Canada in Montreal. All progressive forces – from trade unions to international solidarity groups, from community groups to the student movement – are invited to participate.

Canada out of NATO! No to nuclear weapons! Yes to peace!  

[Translated and reprinted from Clarté]

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