Terrorist attack on Cuban embassy in Washington prompts condemnation, calls for lifting US blockade

PV staff 

On September 25, the Cuban embassy in Washington was attacked by terrorists armed with Molotov cocktails. This is the second attack on the diplomatic mission in two years.

The attack comes as the Biden administration doubles down on the United States’ 61-year-old economic blockade of Cuba, which successive US governments have used to constrict the Cuban economy and starve the Cuban people. The US has tried to make the blockade “extra-territorial” by passing legislation which threatens countries and companies that trade and do business with Cuba. Top US political leaders – from both parties – have called for the overthrow of Cuba’s elected government.

The ongoing anti-Cuba policies of the US government are reflected in the attack on the embassy and other acts of violence. “Anti-Cuban terrorists have had a free hand to attack Cuba, to blow up a Cuban airliner, launch an invasion of Cuba supported by the US military, make hundreds of attempts to assassinate Cuban leaders, plant bombs killing thousands of Cubans, use chemical and biological warfare to destroy crops and animals, sickening and killing thousands of people – for six decades,” stated the Communist Party of Canada on September 26, noting that these facts that are well-founded and well-known around the world.

Communist Party leader Elizabeth Rowley said, “When you look at the US descent into far-right politics – which includes armed militias, assassinations and murders – it is no surprise that terrorist groups feel immune to prosecution for acts like firebombing the Cuban diplomatic mission, threatening its staff with injury or death.”

Terrorist acts against Cuba are escalating, and they must be condemned and stopped. “The labour and democratic movements in Canada must speak out and call for decisive intervention by the Canadian government,” said Rowley. “Silence is not an option!”

In addition to action against terrorist attacks, the US economic blockade and sanctions against Cuba must be lifted now and Cuba must be removed from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism.

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