World Peace Council calls for “intensified solidarity” with the people of Sudan

The World Peace Council (WPC) has expressed its deep concern with the ongoing armed conflict and clashes in Sudan which have resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths and thousands more injured.

The WPC, whose affiliates in Canada are the Canadian Peace Congress and the Mouvement québécois pour la paix, is calling for “intensified solidarity with the Sudanese people and the anti-imperialist peace-loving forces against this bloody war, and support [for] their heroic struggle to achieve people’s power by establishing fully democratic civil rule.”

The Sudanese people have suffered and struggled for decades under dictatorial regimes and now under the rivalry of competing factions of the military. A country rich in natural resources, Sudan has long been the focus of interference and intervention by foreign powers. This is true of the current conflict. As the WPC notes, “the fierce power struggle between factions of the ruling generals, between heavily armed militias, cannot hide the interests of the foreign forces backing the clashes, including imperialist powers and reactionary Arab regimes.”

The Council, along with its affiliates in over 100 countries, is calling for an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of armies and militias from the cities. The WPC is also calling for the United Nations to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the civilian population, and warns that “further escalation [of the conflict] will create an explosive situation for Sudan and the whole region.”

Peace and progressive forces around the world, including the World Peace Council and the World Federation of Trade Unions, continue to express their strong support for the Sudanese people’s struggle for freedom, peace and social justice. 

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