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Here’s a wake-up call about the importance of the socialist media: the federal Conservative Party has broken Canadian political fundraising records, taking in a total of $8 million during the first quarter of 2019. The working class desperately needs to fight back against the right-wing propaganda machine, including by making sure that People’s Voice remains in print!

Every revolutionary newspaper in capitalist countries depends on the support of readers. Each year, People’s Voice conducts a cross-Canada fund drive to raise $50,000. We are currently at $31,000, or 62% of our target, and we’re asking for your help to finish up our campaign.

Here are 8 great reasons to support the People’s Voice:

  1. The working class needs its own media

In Canada today, corporations own 105 daily newspapers (only half a dozen are “independents”), hundreds of magazines, dozens of TV and radio stations, and countless social media platforms. The working class has just a handful of progressive print publications specifically dedicated to our issues and struggles. People’s Voice is proud to carry on the traditions of the working class press going back almost a century, since “The Worker” was launched in 1922.

  1. Peace and solidarity, not war and imperialism

US imperialism is using every possible tactic to keep its grip on wealth and resources; meanwhile, Canada, under Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, plays a growing role in this dangerous strategy. There is no such thing as a US-led war for democracy, or a progressive NATO military intervention. War and imperialism are destroying the planet. But unlike your local corporate daily, People’s Voice stands for peace and solidarity, unwavering support for the Palestinian people, and the right of Venezuelans to determine their own future.

  1. There is a federal election this year

Has it really been almost four years since voters kicked out Stephen Harper? In 2019, People’s Voice will campaign to dump the Liberals and block the Tories. But we don’t want a weak, centrist variation on neoliberal dogmas. In our pages, we call for a radical People’s Alternative: end corporate tax breaks, slash military spending, cancel the trade deal sellouts, invest billions in housing, child care, and public health.

  1. No Pasaran! Stop the fascist threat

“Populist”, ultra-right, violent, patriarchal fascist movements are on the march, from Europe and Asia to Latin America, and here in Canada and the US as well. People’s Voice brings news and analysis about these dangerous forces. Our goal is to help mobilize a broad, united popular resistance.

  1. New writing on crucial issues

Our Editorial Board encourages the development of grassroots working class correspondents. Our volunteers report from across the country: from Nanaimo on the west coast, to St. John, New Brunswick, and many locations between, and even from Shanghai, China. Your contribution will help us build this growing network of writers.

  1. Stand with Indigenous peoples!

Recent years have seen a surge of Indigenous struggles against resource extraction and export projects, and against the capitalist system based on turning the environment into nothing but a source of corporate profits. To expand our coverage of Indigenous movements, we need your help.

  1. A planet to save, a world to win

Climate catastrophes and the possibility of nuclear war both threaten human civilization, and half of present day plant and animal species may be extinct by 2100. A working class newspaper can help build broader social understanding that capitalism is killing us.

  1. “News for people, not for profit”

Our goal is to help build resistance against the crisis-ridden capitalist system, and to win a genuine people’s alternative. We stand for a socialist future, in which working people own and control the economy, creating a world based on social justice, an end to exploitation, gender equality, liberation for oppressed peoples, environmental sustainability, and peace.

We are confident that our readers and friends agree with these aims, but we need action quickly. We accept donations by cheque, e-transfer, PayPal and credit card. Please contribute and help us achieve our ambitious $50,000 target before the federal election kicks into high gear.


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