Exactly one year ago, on June 7, 2018, the Doug Ford Conservatives won a majority in the Ontario Legislature, after running a “For the People” campaign depicting the Liberals as a “corrupt elite”. Only later did the new Premier reveal his true agenda, imposing one draconian piece of legislation after another. Since then, the Ford regime has been on a rampage, rolling out ruthless attacks on municipalities, school boards, occupational health and safety programs, health care, social assistance, and much more. The most recent cuts alone have targetted everything from stem cell research to ambulance services to tourism agencies.

Ford has rammed through Bill 74, which will massively restructure health care by giving the Minister powers to order mergers, closure and privatization of health care agencies without notice. Post-secondary students have been hit with tuition increases and so-called ‘free speech’ legislation to protect hate speech designed to silence opposing voices.

As the labour movement points out, the Ford Conservative record is one of cuts to vital programs, attacks on workers’ rights, and constant abuse of power. The only “people” they act for are the rich and powerful. Ford and his MPPs either tell lies or simply refuse to answer questions, fail to meet with constituents demanding answers, and act like dictators rather than elected representatives.

Working people are coming to the conclusion that Doug Ford has gone way too far. The labour movement and other democratic forces are mobilizing to mark this anniversary with protests across Ontario, involving thousands of union members and others to reject the Conservative agenda, and set the stage for widespread resistance. We urge readers to contact the nearest Labour Council for details of these events, and to give your full support.

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