May Day Greetings from the Canadian Peace Congress

Ever since May 1st was first decreed the International Day of Working Class Solidarity in 1886, peace, and opposition to wars of aggression, have always been central themes of May Day marches and celebrations. This is because working people suffer most from the vast expenditures of public resources squandered on militarism and war – funds taken away from social spending on healthcare, education, housing, the environment and other social programs and services – and also because working people invariably bear the brunt of the tragedy of death, displacement and suffering when wars actually occur.

For this reason, the Canadian Peace Congress has always celebrated this important event. This year in particular, as acts of imperialist aggression proliferate around the world, and the threat of global nuclear annihilation grows ever more immediate and ominous, we absolutely must raise our voices for peace, disarmament and social and environmental justice now!

We invite you to read our “Urgent Appeal against the Growing Danger of War” which we issued recently, and we also urge all of our local Peace Councils, members and friends to support May Day 2019 activities taking place in dozens of urban centres and smaller communities across Canada over the coming days. Please check with local labour and progressive organizations for details of May Day-related activities in your area. We encourage you to give them your active support and participation!

Against Imperialist Aggression & War!

For Peace, Disarmament and Social Justice!

Long Live May Day!!

About the Canadian Peace Congress

The Canadian Peace Congress, founded in 1949, advocates and works for world peace and disarmament. We maintain that peace, not militarism and war, is the guarantor of democracy, human rights, and social and economic justice. We contend that peace, international friendship and cooperation among peoples and nations are possible and necessary to improve living standards, eradicate unemployment and poverty, illiteracy and disease and to restore the health of the planet.

We oppose all attempts from any quarter to make Canada a “military power”. Canada needs an independent foreign policy based on peace & disarmament, not on imperialist aggression and war. In the 21st century human progress has created all of the prerequisites for a peaceful world. War and the militarization of the economy, membership in aggressive military blocs such as NATO & NORAD, a renewed nuclear arms race and its extension to space, participation in wars of intervention, occupation and ‘regime change’ only serve the interests of powerful financial and military elites and not the people.

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