Pro Democracy Protesters call-out Trudeau on his lies

Kamloops protesters rallied outside of a public town hall at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC, speaking to the nearly 1,000 people lined up outside, waiting to get in to hear Trudeau.

Protesters called on Trudeau to start representing people instead of corporations and cited the many acts Trudeau has committed which consistently puts him on the side of corporations and against people – including:

  • approving military equipment sales to Saudi Arabia – a known human rights and war crime violator
  • violating indigenous sovereignty
  • legislating postal workers back to work
  • neglecting his responsibility to end homelessness and hunger in Canada
  • openly interfering in the democratic processes in Venezeula
  • not paying public service workers nor fixing the giant accounting mess that caused non-payment for thousands of workers
  • refusing to acknowledge Canada’s war crimes committed against Libya when NATO dropped over 9,000 bombs on a sovereign state
  • remaining silent on US war crimes committed against the sovereign state of Syria
  • refusing to act honestly on the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

At 8.5 minutes in I am interviewed by a reporter and decided to keep the audio in my own report. Other than that one freelancer and myself there were no media covering the roughly 70 protesters outside of this event – including ZERO pro pipeline citizens. But progressives have become accustomed around here to the media blackout applied to citizens whose message offends the pro corporate agenda.

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