New Provocations Against Syria

Even as the Syrian government makes new advances in its efforts to end the terrible conflict in that country, there are ominous signals that Western imperialist powers are looking for ways to prolong the violence. More US marines have been deployed to the Pentagon’s An Tanf outpost at the Iraq-Jordan-Syria border region, where for almost three years US troops have trained forces battling against the Bashar al-Assad government, on the excuse of opposing “Islamic terrorists”. The An Tanf base is the centre of a 55 km exclusion zone, enforced by US navy and air force combat jets. Increasingly it appears that An Tanf is a key military asset in the Pentagon’s strategy to engage Russian forces (invited by the Syrian government), to topple the leaderships of Syria and Iran, and to support the Israeli Zionist regime.

There are also indications that a new phoney “chemical attack” is being cooked up to justify direct US attacks against Syria. Virginia state senator Richard Black was interviewed by Arab and British news media in early September, stating that Britain’s MI6 intelligence service is encouraging “rebels” to conduct yet another gas or chemical weapons attack against civilians, with the blame of course falling on the al-Assad government. The Senator also said what many independent observers and journalists have found, that some chemical attacks previously reported in Syria were pulled off with help from the so-called volunteer first responders known as the “White Helmets.”

Every such case in recent years has coincided with military and political gains by the Syrian government forces, timed to bolster Western support for the “rebels” linked to anti-Syrian terrorists. If a new chemical attack in Syria is reported, Canadians would be wise to remember this pattern of deceptive provocations, and to speak out against US aggression which is certain to follow.

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