Another Israeli Massacre in Gaza

Yet again, Israeli troops massacred Palestinian protesters on May 14, this time killing at least 52 (the numbers are still rising as we go to press) and wounding over 2,400 people in a calculated act of cold-blooded mass murder. The sickening slaughter was committed by IDF forces using air strikes, tanks, assault weapons, and tear gas to attack unarmed Palestinians with some trying to defend themselves with stones and burning tires to block snipers’ sights.

As always, the Zionist butchers who ordered this massacre shrug and talk about “defending their borders,” confident that US imperialism will protect them from the wave of international anger. And as usual, the Canadian government of PM “Sunny Days” Justin Trudeau refuses to condemn either the Netanyahu regime or the bully in the White House who sparked the latest dangerous ¬†developments by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Instead, Trudeau mouths platitudes about “opposing violence” – as though this was a couple of schoolyard gangs fighting with sticks, not a heavily armed state regularly murdering with complete impunity the people whose lands Israel occupies illegally.

Nor did the Canadian government condemn Israel a few days earlier when it committed blatant military aggression by firing dozens of rockets into neighbouring Syria. Mr. Trudeau has also stayed silent as Donald Trump openly talks about launching war against Iran, an act which would likely become the most terrible mass killing in the history of the planet.

The Trump and Netanyahu governments are pushing the world towards a regional war, one which could escalate quickly into a catastrophic global conflict. Now more than ever, people who understand the terrifying implications of this drift towards disaster must speak out for peace and Palestinian rights. This is also a moment to urgently build support for the BDS movement to isolate the Zionist killers who thumb their noses at international law.

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