Solidarity: Our Urgent Priority

Recent developments in a several global hot-spots stress the need to stand in solidarity with countries on the front lines of resistance to imperialism. At this crucial time in human history, any temptation to sit on the sidelines pointing out real or imagined shortcomings of those who face intense US pressures must be sharply resisted. This is especially true in three very different but equally important cases: Syria, Venezuela and the DPRK.

In Syria, the elected, secular government of al-Assad, with the support of key allies, has begun to turn the tide in its struggle against US-backed “regime change” forces and violent Islamic fundamentalists. This is welcome news, not because the Syrian government is above criticism, but because its survival is a powerful blow to the reactionary forces stretching from central Asia to North Africa.

Another example is the epic battle against Washington’s dictates by the Bolivarian Revolution. “First world” carping about the Maduro government’s strategies should be put on the shelf. As in Syria, those who hope that a victory for the so-called “democratic movements” would bring positive change are deluding themselves. The sovereignty of both countries must be defended as our most urgent priority.

As always, the DPRK (North Korea) remains the target of racist vilification by the corporate media and politicians. The DPRK has survived against incredible odds and constant imperialist pressures, in part because it retains the military capacity to respond against any US military attack. Instead of piling on the DPRK, we should speak out strongly for a negotiated political solution to the unresolved conflict in the Korean peninsula, including a withdrawal of US occupation troops from South Korea, and the denuclearization of all powers in the region.

Rather than give unwanted advice to the peoples of these countries, our duty is to call on our own government to oppose outside intervention strategies.

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