BC Voted for Change

Two weeks after the May 9 election in British Columbia, there is still no definitive outcome as this issue of PV goes to press. But the initial count of absentee ballots gives the NDP slight gains over its election night results. This would leave the Legislature without a working majority: the incumbent Liberals reduced to 43 seats, the NDP up to 41, and three Greens, up from one in the last election. Looking at the share of votes, the Liberals have 40.7%, with the NDP now at 40.0%, the Greens at 16.7%, and others at 2.5%.

This outcome represents a large majority vote for change. Despite the huge advantages of a $12 million war chest donated mainly by fossil fuel industry and real estate profiteers, and a corporate media which slavishly promotes Premier Christy Clark, the Liberals failed to win a new majority. The opposition parties have compatible views on some important issues and disagree on others, and a combined majority of seats and a far larger level of popular support.

As the Communist Party of BC stated, these parties should take the first opportunity to defeat the Clark government, reverse the huge Liberal tax cuts for the rich and the corporations, expand democracy, take action for a sustainable environment and green jobs, and tackle the housing and poverty crises impacting millions of British Columbians. This approach is shared by a coalition of civil society groups which is calling on the Greens and NDP to agree to work together, including Leadnow, the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, the BC Health Coalition, Stand.earth, Force of Nature, One Cowichan, and the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC.

We agree; it’s time for change. End the Liberal era in Victoria, and put the interests of working people and the environment ahead of unchecked corporate greed!

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