Letter: Children of the Same Country

People’s Voice Letter to the Editor

Ukrainian and Russian – We are children of the same country

Most people in Ukraine have Russian and Ukrainian background. I was born in Ukraine in the Communist family. It didn’t matter what language you spoke. When I listened to my parents and grandparent, I was fascinated by the values of those times.

So I want to ask what happened in our country? Why did we begin to hate each other just because of national-ethnic origin? Who benefits from fomenting nationalism in such a form and at such a price?

The Ukrainian government should answer why the civil war, which has led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people, and millions of refugees, is called an ‘anti-terrorism’ operation, and not a fratricidal war. This operation is against its own people. Residents of eastern Ukraine became hostages of this war, and it’s not their fault. Is it possible that the Ukrainian government does not see that they are deprived of the basic necessities? Or does it simply turn a blind eye to this?

I want to ask the Ukrainian people, who benefits from this war? Maybe someone knows the answer? I know it… I call to unite all those who want peace in our country: West and East, Russians and Ukrainians, unite! We are all citizens of one country.

I was beaten by ultranationalists only because of the fact that the St. George’s ribbon was on me. This ribbon is a symbol of the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, who rescued our country from fascism.

Why are ultranationalists ready to kill me? Because I honor the memory of people who lost their lives during the Great Patriotic War?

The Ukraine should overcome nationalism. Only then will we be a happy country again!

(The author is a young Ukrainian now living in Canada)

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