Say No To US Aggression Against DPRK!

Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada, April 10, 2017

The illegal US airstrikes on Syria combined with ominous threats of similar US action against the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea should raise alarm bells in Ottawa and around the world.

These acts and threats of war and aggression against sovereign states are completely outside the rules of international law, and are a threat to peace and security on a global scale. The US is not the world’s policeman, though it is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and its reckless aggression endangers peoples and states around the globe.

Nuclear tests by DPRK are the result of a relentless US campaign against Korea, including threats to overthrow the government, threats of invasion, sanctions that have contributed to severe shortages in DPRK, and a continuous campaign of disinformation aimed to keep tensions in the region at peak levels. This includes US proposals to re-arm Japan with nuclear weapons, and increasing US interference in the South China Sea including Trump’s decision to send more US warships to the region in February.

Gloating imperialist propaganda

It is the US that has prevented all efforts at reunification of North and South Korea through a negotiated political solution to the 1953 ceasefire agreement that has maintained a state of war between north and south ever since. Regime change has been the US motivation since the end of WW II, based on its Cold War determination to dominate the region and “roll-back Communism” in south-east Asia, in Vietnam, China, and in Europe. Today, the overthrow of sovereign governments in south-east Asia is a key part of the US pivot to Asia, and the encirclement and isolation of the USA’s biggest economic and political competitor, China.

When President Trump calls on “the civilized world” to act against DPRK, he means imperialism and the biggest global corporate interests in the world. He means NATO and the military forces of the US and its allies, including Japan, should attack DPRK.

It’s in this context that the DPRK is testing its nuclear capacity. An end to US threats of regime change and invasion, and negotiations leading to a political solution are the only way to de-escalate growing tensions and to achieve peace and disarmament in the region. US gun-boat diplomacy in the nuclear age threatens the whole world. No-one is safe.

Parliament, and the government of Canada, must say no to the Trump administration’s declarations of war on Syria and DPRK. The Canadian government has a responsibility to protect Canadians from US aggressions, illegal wars, and crimes against humanity. Canadian government support for US aggression and wars is complicity, and complicity is also a war crime.

The Communist Party calls on the Canadian government, on Parliament, to oppose US threats and aggression against DPRK and Syria without further delay. We call on the labour and democratic movements, and all those concerned with peace and the growing danger of further illegal US aggression and global confrontations, to mobilize to oppose the US war machine, and to demand that Canada stand up for peace, for international law, and for negotiated political solutions.

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