Unity Can Block Racism

On March 4th, the so-called “Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens” – a collection of ultra-right racists, immigrant bashers and other fascists and hate-mongers – made a preliminary attempt to rally supporters across the country, calling for demonstrations in over 60 cities and towns against M-103, the private member’s motion calling on Parliament to take action against Islamophobia. The best news from this date was that wherever progressive and democratic people mobilized, the message of the hate movement was rejected by far larger counter-gatherings. By this measure, the attempt of the racists to give an impression of strength failed completely. In many locations, as few as two or three people responded to the CCCC call.

The largest counter-rally was organized by a broad-based coalition including left-wing groups, members of faith groups, and other community activists in Toronto, where the crowd estimated at 1000-1500 far outnumbered a little gathering of a few dozen racists. In Edmonton, the capital of “conservative” Alberta, 150 anti-racists turned out, triple the number of the anti-M103 rally.

However, this political struggle is in its early stages. Several candidates in the Conservative leadership race are pandering to the voices of racism and fascism, encouraging far-right movements to expand their efforts and fan hatred against racialized and indigenous peoples, as well as against women’s equality groups, trade unions, the Jewish community, LGBTQ+ people, and as always, against the Communist Party, the YCL, and other left-wing groups.

This attempt to ride the far-right agenda of racist movements which helped Trump become the US president can be blocked by much wider and stronger unity, creating coalitions which include all progressive forces in this country. Every attempt to splinter the working class by blaming immigrants and other scapegoats for the capitalist economic crisis must be decisively confronted. United we stand, divided we fall!

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