Appeal of the 18th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties

The following appeal was adopted by the 18th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, held on October 28-30, 2016 in Hanoi, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, under the theme “Capitalist crisis and imperialist offensive – Strategy and tactics of the Communist and Workers’ Parties in struggle for peace, workers’ and peoples’ rights, socialism”.


Having discussed the world situation and the growing challenges faced by humanity, nations, workers and peoples of many countries, particularly the worsening socio-economic and environmental crises, the increasing insecurity and instability in many parts of the world, caused by capitalism, deepened capitalist crisis, imperialist interventions. interference and machinations, fostering the emergence of so-called ‘ISIS’ and other extremist criminal forces, as well as refugee crises;

– Stressing that socialism is the only real alternative to the on-going economic, social and ecological crises, to capitalist exploitation and barbarity;

– Saluting the struggles of the people and workers in all parts of the world against capitalism and imperialist offensive, for labour, social and democratic rights, gender equality, national independence and sovereignty, peace and socialism;

– Emphasizing the historical significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia in the context of its forthcoming 100 anniversary in 2017;

– Being encouraged by the achievements and experiences of the struggle of and cooperation among communist and workers’ parties in the previous years;

Calls upon Communist and Workers Parties to develop common and convergent actionsalong the following axis:

– Intensifying theoretical and practical works and exchanges on building socialism in the 21st Century;

– Working together towards the joint commemoration of 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution to highlight its historical significance in paving the way for a new period in human history, the contribution of socialism to advance the struggle of workers and peoples for their emancipation, and the need to strengthen the struggle for peace, social progresses and socialism; organizing diverse related activities;

– Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the publication of “Das Capital” by Karl Marx;

– Promoting exchange of strategies, tactics and experiences to strengthen the fight against all forms of capitalist ideological and political imposition and offensive, to strengthen communists and workers parties and to enhance mobilisation of the working people and wider masses, particularly youth, students and women, in the anti-imperialist struggles, for labour, social, trade union and democratic rights, and socialism;

– Strengthening activities to defend democratic freedoms and rights, against anti-communism and all forms of discrimination, to express solidarity with communists in Ukraine and other countries who face persecution and bans on their activity; organizing, preferably in the week of 5-11 May 2017, activities against fascism and neo-nazism on the occasion of the anniversary of the Victory over Nazi-fascism (9/5/1945);

– Broadening the anti-imperialist front to enhance the struggle for peace, against imperialist occupation, interventions and interference into internal affairs of other countries, against NATO and its expansion, against nuclear weapons, militarization and foreign military bases, for the peaceful and just settlement of all conflicts based on the principles of International Law;

– Intensifying activities to demand the ending of the US blockade against Cuba, to support the right of Palestinian people to a free, sovereign and independent state and to express solidarity with all peoples in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Europe who face imperialist occupation, intervention, interference and blockade.

Finally, the participating Communist and Workers Parties thank the Communist Party and people of Vietnam for the hospitality and confirmed their unwavering longstanding support to and solidarity with Vietnamese people in building and defending the socialist country.

(Fifty-seven parties took part in the Hanoi meeting, including: Algerian Democratic and Socialist Party; Communist Party of Argentina; Party of Labour of Austria; Communist Party of Australia; Workers Party of Bangladesh; Communist Party of Belarus; Workers’ Party of Belgium; Brazilian Communist Party; Communist Party of Brazil; Communist Party of Britain; Communist Party of Canada; Communist Party of Chile; Communist Party of China; Communist Party of Cuba; AKEL (Cyprus); Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia; Communist Party in Denmark; Communist Party of Denmark; Communist Party of Ecuador;

French Communist Party; Communist Party of Finland; German Communist Party; Communist Party of Greece; People’s Progressive Party of Guyana; Hungarian Workers’ Party; Communist Party of India; Communist Party of India (Marxist); Tudeh Party of Iran; Iraqi Communist Party; Communist Party of Ireland; Workers Party of Ireland; Communist Party of Israel; Jordanian Communist Party; Workers’ Party of Korea; Lao People’s Revolutionary Party; Lebanese Communist Party; Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-UML); Communist Party of Norway; Communist Party of Pakistan; Palestinian Communist Party; Palestinian Peoples Party; Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930); Portuguese Communist Party; Communist Party of Russian Federation (KPRF); Russian Communist Workers’ Party; Communist Party of Soviet Union (CPSU); New Communist Party of Yugoslavia; South African Communist Party; Communist Party of Spain; Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain; Communist Party of Sri Lanka; Communist Party of Sweden; Communist Party, Turkey; Communist Party of Ukraine;

Communist Party USA; Communist Party of Venezuela; Communist Party of Vietnam.)

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