Trilateral Peace Conference Proposals for Coordinated Action

Immediately following the WPC Regional Conference in Toronto, another important  meeting was convened – the Third Trilateral Conference aimed to coordinate actions among the peace councils of North America – Canada, Mexico and the U.S. The Trilateral Conference adopted these proposals for coordinated action.

  1. Prepare a joint statement in the name of the peace movements in the three countries, that exposes the link between current wars and social needs of peoples in all countries; that identifies xenophobia, the militarization of the police, and the widespread and violent repression in Mexico, as components of current war and aggression; and that calls for a joint day of action against war across the three countries.
  2. Organize a report-back in all three countries, from the upcoming peace tour to Syria including using video resources.
  3. Prepare a declaration against foreign military bases, including reference to policies and programs like Merida Initiative which allow US military to function through national police, and to seek endorsements from broad range of peace and progressive organizations, and to work toward a joint day of action against foreign military bases.
  4. Help mobilize youth in three countries for the 2017 World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, Russia, as a way to build the peace movement among youth and students.
  5. Issue a letter, in the name of the Trilateral Peace Conference, to the Canadian government that encourages the government to endorse and support OPANAL and the Zone of Peace in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  6. To increase our work, in the name of the Trilateral Peace Conference, for nuclear disarmament – including participation in the Keep Space for Peace Week, October 1-8, 2016; building opposition to NATO; helping to build existing campaigns against nuclear arms and promoting an anti-imperialist analysis to the broader peace movement; and building joint actions for days like the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  7. To work together to oppose colonialism in the Americas, drawing links between colonialism, militarism and economic development, by:
    – actively supporting and promoting the struggles of Indigenous peoples against genocide and in defence of their sovereignty;
    – exposing and opposing the reality of state violence and repression of human rights in Mexico;
    – supporting the struggle of the Puerto Rican people for self-determination; and
    – helping to mobilize against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in all three countries, in particular for the November 4, 2016 Continental Day of Action for Democracy and Against Neo-liberalism.

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