Cancel Hate Mail Deliveries!

Canada Post and the federal government are refusing to take quick action to end the distribution of hate literature to an estimated 80,000 homes in east Toronto. In fact, news reports indicate that letter carriers have even been threatened with dismissal if they fail to deliver the “Your Ward News” publication.

Under the Canadian Human Rights Act, it is illegal for businesses such as the crown corporation Canada Post to distribute hate propaganda, either in the workplace or in public. As a human rights complaint against Canada Post and the federal government points out, this does both. In fact, Canada Post is profiting from the distribution of the white supremacist newsletter, which contains a sickening range of misogynist, homophobic, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic content.

This is not a case of the government protecting the legitimate expression of free speech. “Your Ward News” and its political backers are not interested in democratic, open, political debates. Similar to Hitler’s Nazis and their contemporary counterparts in many European countries, their aim is to encourage violent attacks on women, the LGBTiQ community, Muslims, Jews and immigrants. The ultimate objective is to create a fascist Canada, in which women are totally subservient to a patriarchal order, and in which the population has been “cleansed” of non-white, non-Christian residents. Organizations and movements which oppose this vicious nazi agenda would be brutally suppressed, just as millions of trade unionists, Communists, social democrats, Jews, Roma people, gays and lesbians, Slavic peoples and others were murdered by the Third Reich’s genocide machine.

Unfortunately, any decision on whether to even hear the human rights complaint must await a response from Canada Post and the federal government. We call on the Trudeau government and Canada Post to quit stalling, and take steps to prevent violent Nazi propaganda from being delivered to homes in east Toronto.

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